About Arcisograph

We are individuals who have worked in diverse fields such as IT, Healthcare and Construction Management. Our passion for photography brought us together to form ‘Arcisograph’. The word ‘Arcis’, in Sanskrit, means ‘Light’, ‘A ray or light’ or ‘Lustre’. Photography is all about capturing or writing with light. Hence the name of our group ‘Arcisograph’.


Girish M

My age was still a single digit number when I started taking photos with my dad’s Afga Click III camera. A few years later, just before I became a teenager, a professional photographer visited us for a few days. Curiosity got the better of me when I saw his SLR camera. Just as I picked it up he screamed “How dare you touch the camera. What do you know about cameras and photography? Keep it back and don’t touch it ever again”. That was the moment when a burning desire to learn joined forces with my passion for photography.

Since then my journey in the field of photography has been all about learning, experimenting and trying out new things. Being a nature lover and an avid trekker I had ample opportunities to shoot landscapes, birds, wildlife and macro. Inspired by my photography Guru’s mastery over different genres I entered the world of fashion photography, product photography, architecture & interiors photography and portrait photography. And the journey shall continue… there is so much more to learn

Sajitha Nair

I was born and brought up in the small town of Jamshedpur. My baby steps in the world of photography began when I managed to get a beautiful portrait of a friend. This was done with a Nokia N72. The appreciation I got for this photograph got me so interested that I started photographing most objects around me. Looking at my interest in photography, my father got me my first DSLR.

A few years later while working as a health care professional, my passion for photography nudged me to shift base to Bengaluru. It has now been two years since my journey in the field of photography began. The joy of capturing those beautiful moments be it a wedding or in nature keeps me looking for more. I also enjoy shooting interiors and architecture.